Equipping Christian Warriors for End-Time Tribulation
- Table of Contents


  • Missional Assignment: Calling Out Christian Warriors
  • A Pacifist Church is Unprepared for Warfare
  • Pacifist’s are Teaching Eschatology
  • Jesus’ Teachings – “Make War, because We Love!”
  • Target Audience – Warrior-Spirited Christians
  • General Outline & Purpose of this Book

Chapter 1 – Mighty Leadership in the Army of God

  • The Opportunity for Christian Warriors
  • Good Versus Great Leadership
  • A Military Perspective of a Great Leader
  • Deafness Among the Multitudes
  • Before the Foundation of the World
  • The Rebellion of Satan Continues! Why?
  • In the Garden of Eden
  • Questions to Consider for the Army of God
  • Job – A Mighty Warrior of God
  • Returning to the Confrontation in the Garden of Eden
  • A Pre-Creation Covenant Between Father and Son
  • Seven Wondrous Truths Unveiled by Adam’s Fall
  • Trial by Ordeal – An Historical Perspective
  • Biblical Examples of Ordeals by Combat
  • Continuing Warfare Upon the Church
  • Walking as God’s Warriors Day to Day
  • Embrace this Truth: “Life is Meant to be Challenging”

Chapter 2 – One World…Two Kingdoms

  • The Kingdom of God
  • Mystery of the Kingdom
  • Our King Provides Insight into the Mystery of His Kingdom
  • Evil Seed Sown in Fertile Soil
  • Handling Suffering in God’s Kingdom
  • The Kingdom of God is Cosmological
  • The Kingdom of this World
  • Institutions in the Kingdom of this World

Chapter 3 – Warnings Directed to the American Church
(Revelation 2 & 3)

  • Betrayal Arises from Within
  • The Letters of Jesus to the Church
  • The Church of Ephesus in America
  • The Church of Smyrna in America
  • The Church of Sardis in America
  • The Church of Philadelphia in America
  • The Church of Laodicea in America
  • The “Attractional” Church in America
  • A Marine’s Viewpoint of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
  • Consequences of Pre-Tribulation Rapture Teachings
  • Mighty Men in the Dispensational Community
  • The Front lines of the Battlefield
  • God’s Army is Strictly for Volunteers Only
  • Warriors are not Traditional
  • “About-Face!”

Chapter 4 – Horsemen, Martyrdom, & a Great War
(Revelation 4 - 6; Ezekiel 39 & 39)

  • The Father Gives the Scroll to the Son
  • A False Perception of the “Lamb of God”
  • A Christian Warrior’s Understanding of the “Lamb of God”
  • The “Lamb of God” is also our Commander-in-Chief
  • Breaking the Seals of the Scroll
  • The Seven Seals – An Overview
  • The Olivet Discourse & the Six Seals of the Scroll
  • The Combined Effect of the Four Horsemen Upon the World
  • Same Causes – Different Effects
  • A World Without the Four Horsemen
  • A Christian Perspective on Tribulations
  • The Fifth Seal – Souls of the Martyrs
  • The Spirit of Martyrdom
  • Scoffers will Precede the Persecution of American Christians
  • When Will the Lord’s Judgment Come?
  • Opening the Sixth Seal
  • The Entire World will Acknowledge the Reality of God
  • Introduction to a Great War
  • A Great War Begins in the Middle East
  • A Great Army Descends from Magog
  • Russia’s Motive for Invading Israel
  • Iran’s Motive for Invading Israel
  • Why America will Abandon its Support of Israel
  • Why the European Union Abandons its Support of Israel
  • The Invasion from the North and the Lord’s Response
  • A Time of Cleansing of the Land
  • The Gog Magog War – A Second One Coming?
  • A Catastrophic Event Following this Gog Magog War
  • Gog Magog – The War that Launches the Great Tribulation
  • Gog Magog and the Christian Attitude

Chapter 5 – Trumpets, Nukes, and a Little Book
(Revelation 8 – 10)

  • Summary of the Sixth Seal
  • The Dawning of the “Day of the Lord”
  • A Nuclear Response to the Gog Magog War
  • The Response of the Victims
  • The Opening of the Seventh Seal
  • Silence in Heaven and the Prayers of the Saints
  • The First Four Trumpets
  • The Eagle’s Warning
  • Fifth Trumpet Woe – The Need for Martial Law
  • Fifth Trumpet Woe – Locusts Stinging like Scorpions
  • The Appearance of the Locusts
  • Fifth Trumpet Woe – Nuclear Winter
  • Fifth Trumpet Woe – The Arrival of Apollyon
  • Sixth trumpet woe – 200 Million Killers
  • A Mighty Angel Brings a Little Book
  • Prophetic Warriors Must “Eat This Book”
  • Mighty Leaders will Arise to Guide Many into the Kingdom

Chapter 6 – Latter Day Warriors of God = 144,000
(Revelation 7)

  • Hope Continues to Shine in the Midst of Darkness
  • “144,000 Servants” = Army of God in Tribulation
  • Who are These Sons of Israel Reflected by The Twelve Tribes?
  • A Brief History of the Northern Kingdom of Israel
  • Israel (Ephraim) Now Living Among the Nations
  • America – A Home to the Descendants of Ephraim?
  • The Meaning of Number 144,000
  • The Identity of the 144,000 Sealed Servants of God
  • 144,000 is a Remnant of the Church, Not the Whole
  • Leadership Qualities That Identify the 144,000 Remnant

Chapter 7 – The “Seventy Weeks” of Daniel
(Daniel 9:24-27)

  • An Historical Background of the “70 Weeks” Prophecy
  • Seventy “Weeks of Years” Will Bring About Six Results
  • Seventy Weeks = Seventy “Weeks of Years”
  • Mystery of the Numbering of the Weeks (2016 AD?)
  • A Summary of the Mathematical Calculations
  • The Second Coming – An Interesting Scenario

Chapter 8 – Warriors for Christ in the Midst of the Great Tribulation
(Revelation 11)

  • The Temple and the Holy City
  • Identifying the Temple and the Holy City
  • A True Physical temple Will Soon be Built in Jerusalem
  • Measuring the Temple
  • The Two Witnesses
  • Two Olive Trees and Two Lamp stands
  • The Power of two
  • Identity of Two Witnesses in Midst of Great Tribulation
  • 144,000 Will Represent the Third coming of Elijah
  • 144,000 Will Characterize the True Prophetic Spirit
  • The Gospel Message of the Two Witnesses
  • A Second Death followed by a Second Resurrection

Chapter 9 – Confrontation between the Woman and the Dragon
(Revelation 12)

  • The Identity of the Woman
  • The Dragon
  • The Birth of the Male Child
  • A War in Heaven
  • The War Between the Woman & the Dragon
  • Battlefield Tactics Employed by Satan
  • Reviewing Satan’s Mission & Tactics for the End Times
  • Satan’s Primary Objectives in His War on Mankind
  • Summary of Revelation 12

Chapter 10 – Three Beasts – An Unholy Trinity
(Revelation 13)

  • A Beast Rises Up from the Sea
  • Seven Heads of the Beast
  • Antichrist – The Final World ruler
  • Antichrist – His Popularity
  • Antichrist – The Appearance of Invincibility
  • The Coming of the Two-Horned Beast
  • The False Prophet – His Three-Fold Ministry  
  • False Teachers Align with the World
  • Satan’s Tactics Manifested in the Heads of the Beast
  • A Seven Year Covenant
  • Purpose and Differences between Tribulation and the Wrath of God
  • Our Lord’s Calling – “Endure & Remain Faithful”
  • Rejoicing in the Midst of Tribulation
  • A Chinese Song – “To be a Martyr for the Lord”

Chapter 11 – Mystery Babylon the Great Capitol of:
                         Wealth, Pleasure, & Harlotry
(Revelation 17 - 18)

  • Babylon – A Controlling Influence Over Mighty Nations
  • Babylon the Great – Identifying the City
  • Historic Attempts to identify Mystery Babylon
  • Babylon – Uniting Politics, Commercialism, & Religion
  • The Woman = Commercialism & Religious Power
  • The Beast = Political & Military Power
  • The Woman Loves the Beast – The Beast Hates the Woman
  • The Babylonian Whore & False Christianity
  • America & Israel – Both Nations Founded Under God
  • America – In the World’s Spotlight
  • American – Biblical Doctrines Replaced by Idolatry
  • America – Where Idolatry Thrives
  • Coming to America: Christian Persecution & Spiritual Revival
  • Christian warriors Enduring Hardships
  • Come Out of Her, My People

Chapter 12 – The Last Harvest Followed by Destruction
(Revelation 14 – 15 - 16)

  • Dark Stories are Followed by the Light
  • “Blessings & Warnings” Summarized in Seven Major Events
  • ONE: The Lamb & His 144,000 on Mt. Zion
  • TWO: The Angel & the Everlasting Gospel
  • THREE: The Fall of Babylon
  • FOUR: Warning Against Worshiping the Beast
  • FIVE: Blessed Are Those Who Die in the Lord From Now On
  • SIX: The Harvest of the Earth
  • SEVEN: God’s Wrath Following Upon the World of Evil
  • Heaven Celebrates While the Earth Blasphemies
  • The Final Judgments of Our Lord begin
  • 1st  Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out - On the Earth
  • 2nd Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out - On the Seas
  • 3rd  Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out - On Rivers & Springs
  • 4th  Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out - On the Sun

Chapter 13 – The Return of the King
                   (Revelation 16:10-21 & 19:11-21)

  • An Overview of the First Four Bowls of Wrath
  • 5th Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out - On the Throne of the Beast
  • 6th   Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out - On the Euphrates River
  • Satan’s Final Mission Strategies – An Overview
  • From Armageddon to Jerusalem
  • The Warrior Remnant of Israel
  • 7th   Bowl of God’s Wrath Poured Out – Into the Atmosphere
  • The Coming of the King of Kings

Chapter 14 – The Kingdom of God Reigning upon Earth
(Revelation 20 -22)

  • Removal of Satan from the Earth
  • The Millennium Age – The 7th Day of Rest
  • The Purpose of the Millennium
  • Two Resurrections
  • Millennial Reign Begins – 45 Days After Bowl Judgments?
  • Resurrected Bodies of the Saints
  • Non-Resurrected Peoples in the Millennium
  • The Millennial Age – A Time of Restoration
  • Resurrected Christians – Their Millennial Mission
  • The Millennial Government
  • Satan Released & The Last World War
  • Hades or Sheol – A Temporary Abode
  • “Eternally Condemned” or “Eternally Tormented”
  • Lake of Fire – The Permanent Abode of the Ungodly
  • The Day of Judgment
  • Judgment Day – Who will be the Judge?
  • Judgment Day – Who will be Judged?
  • Judgment According to ‘Works”
  • The “Books of Works” and the “Book of Life”
  • The New Heaven & New Earth
  • The New Jerusalem
  • Heaven: Boring or Exciting?
  • Life on the New Heaven & New Earth
  • “Behold, I Am Coming Soon”
  • The Book of Revelation Must Remain Open to Both Kingdoms
  • A Final Warning
  • “Blessed is the One Who…….!”

Chapter 15 – Equipping Leadership & Warriors in The Kingdom of God

  • Needed: Great Leaders
  • Aragon – An Example of Great Leadership
  • Discipline in the Army of God
  • Developing Our Mission in the Army of God
  • The Front lines of the Battlefield
  • Ministering in the Workplace
  • Networking with Frustrated Christians in the Workplace
  • The Underground Church May be Next
  • Our Mission Calling
  • A Partnership Proposal – “A Team of Watchmen”
  • Proposals for “Watchmen Team” Presentations
  • Establish Teams for “Equipping Small Groups”
  • Physical Preparations for the Battlefield
  • Handling Suffering in the Army of God
  • Our Prayer Closet – Where Understanding Grows
  • A Final Prayer


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