God's Anointed Warriors in The Last Days - Video Series

INTRODUCTION: This is an introduction to 15 presentations which address vital questions concerning end-time events depicted in the Book of Revelation
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Video 1: AMERICA – A FORMER CHRISTIAN NATION: This video provides a brief testimony of my Vietnam experience and how it removed my heart from the world and subsequently, into the kingdom of God. Then I’ll provide summary overview of our nation which has gone terribly astray.
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Video 2: WARNINGS FOR THE AMERICAN CHURCH: This is an overview of Jesus’ letters to the churches in Asia Minor and how they parallel the American church of the 21st century.
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Video 3: SEALS, HORSEMEN & MARTYRDOM: As the first four seals are broken, four horsemen emerge with individual missions which will bring forth blessings as well as, much chaos and confusion into the world.
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Video 5: "144,000": Before the first trumpet sounds, the Lord will seal His chosen “servants of God” in order to protect them from the trumpet judgments that will soon descend upon the earth.
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