Christian Warriors: – “Rampant In America”

Biblical Truths Replaced by Lies

The great prosperity experienced in this nation has lulled God’s people to follow a cross-less, painless gospel that accommodates selfishness and laziness within Christians. The thoughts and intents of the heart remain unchallenged.

Lukewarm congregations avoid the preaching of the cross and the discipline of the Lord. This message exposes a person’s carnal and hypocritical nature, and that is not popular with many church attendees. So the pulpit becomes virtually silent on the most powerful life-changing truths of the gospel. The church today has a “Christian welfare mentality” that caters to the wounded; giving out large doses of feel-good teachings that perpetuate self-absorption and empowers the ego of the listeners. Christians are misled to jump into the resurrected life by a shortcut that bypasses the continuing work of the cross in the believer’s life. The teaching that Christ did everything for us and that we don’t have to suffer death to our carnal self is a deadly doctrine leading millions down the wrong path and to the wrong destiny.

The blindness existing within the church is horrendous. While individual churches continue to compete with one another for more people and more money, they remain virtually silent concerning the sin that is rapidly overtaking our nation. A country that was founded on Christian principles has now chosen to throw off our Christian heritage and embrace the principles of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are a country where millions of babies continue to be slaughtered, where the presence of our Lord is not welcome in governmental and educational facilities, where immoral sexual relations and pornography are now uncontrollable, where same-sex marriages are beginning to be welcomed. It’s getting worse and worse, and many believers within the church undoubtedly will continue in their comfortable blindness until the time comes when the American society turns their hatred toward the Lord into a violent persecution of His church. When that time arrives, and it is rapidly approaching, there will be widespread fear and panic followed by a great falling away.

Sin and lawlessness have replaced righteousness and justice in our once great and mighty land. America has fallen into the same trap as ancient Israel. Power and riches has led a nation of God into a great apostasy. Instead of teaching people how to “think and grow rich,” these churches should be encouraging one another to pursue the Lord and His holiness. With their teaching and preaching of materialism, these churches are doing a better job of paving the way for the rise of the Antichrist than preparing for the return of Christ.

“Christian warriors, we are called to fight, not run from the battle!”