Video 6: Trumpets, Nukes & a Little Book

Video 5: “144,000”
April 26, 2020
Video 7: Warriors for Christ in the Midst of Great Tribulation
May 1, 2020
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Video 6 of God's Anointed Warriors In The Last Days


Revelation 8 - 10

It is probable that the first six trumpet prophecies foretell all the major events that will occur in the aftermath of a single nuclear war – a war that destroys much of the environment as well as numerous human lives.

This Presentation Will Address The Following From A 21st Century Perspective:

  • The Opening Of The 7th Seal
  • The Blowing Of The 1st Trumpet That Burns 1/3 Of The Land
  • The Blowing Of The 2nd Trumpet That Burns 1/3 Of The Oceans
  • The Blowing Of The 3rd Trumpet That Burns 1/3 Of The Fresh Waters
  • The Blowing Of The 4th Trumpet That Darkens 1/3 Of The Daylight
  • The Blowing Of The 5th And 6th Trumpets And Their Effect On 1/3 Of Mankind
  • A Mighty Angel Descends With A Little Book – A Call For End-Time Messengers

The seventh trumpet deals with ongoing, long-term repercussions following this nuclear war which is addressed in subsequent sessions.

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