Spiritual Warfare & The Problem Of Evil

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May 7, 2020
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February 28, 2022
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Spiritual Warfare & The Problem Of Evil

This presentation is intended to provide deeper insights in the ongoing spiritual warfare and well as addressing the “problem of evil.”

That is:
“If our Almighty God is so loving and all-powerful, then why does He allow so much evil and suffering to be ongoing in the world?”

This presentation will address how “evil” entered the creation and why it was allowed to enter into the world of mankind. It will address the following three historical eras’s where Satan attempted to usurp the purposes of Almighty God for dominion of creation.

That is:

  1. Before the Foundation of the World
  2. In the Garden of Eden
  3. The Tribulation in the life of Job

This presentation will also provide eight glorious purposes for Almighty God for allowing evil to continue throughout the centuries.