Watchman Partnership Proposal



The western world is rapidly progressing toward the establishment of a unified society under the authority of a worldly government.

All religions will be acceptable including all those compromising organizations that call themselves Christian, as long as they rally around the government programs and do not proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ or the sinful nature of mankind; both of which will be unlawful.

As soldiers for Christ, we must be aware, that the time is rapidly approaching when it will be illegal for the church in America to proclaim the gospel message that “Jesus Christ is the true Son of God and it is only through Him that one can enter into eternal life.”

Over and over history reveals that when governments come against those who stand fast for the Lord Jesus Christ; uncompromising Christians will secretly form together as a body known as the underground church.

These are places that will not compromise the Son of God and will rise up in the midst of these times and reach out to broken hearts that feel direction-less within both the world and its churches.

However, it is essential that these small, underground churches do not operate independently, but that they are networked with one another in order that they might grow greater in strength within the corporate body of Christ.

These underground churches should remain small, perhaps no greater than seven or eight families, but they should each receive ongoing training from an established group of leaders who have formed a partnership to network and minister to these small groups.

Let us now examine a proposal designed to assist and direct soldiers in His army on a path toward fulfilling this mission within a country that will soon be intensely committed to criminalize those who publicly proclaim the biblical gospel message.


A partnership team that could potentially make a huge impact within their respective areas is one composed of a few men (e.g. seven or eight) with leadership experience, biblical training, and a similar vision.

They would be peers with equal input into team direction, but would elect a facilitator to administer the meetings.

This “watchman partnership” would develop a strong team presentation that “sounds the alarm” of the Lord’s call to “be ready” for the Day of the Lord which is rapidly approaching:

For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, "There is peace and security," then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:2-3

This watchmen team presentation could take place in a modular session of a seminary, or in receptive churches. But more than likely it would take place in the workplace or small community venues which express a desire to hear the message.

Each of these “sound the alarm presentations” will need to be followed up with additional in-depth teaching concerning the “gospel message” and an understanding of the “last days”.

Therefore, designated members of the team would probably need to maintain a presence for a few days in order to provide additional presentations to potential leaders who express interest in learning how to train and establish small, local groups.


The target audience for these presentations would be to existing or potential leaders who will then establish and train additional teams in their respective areas. I would suggest that seminar presentations prepared by this Watchmen Team would include the following:

A direct and strong gospel message designed to bring out the truth of Christ’s teachings concerning the Kingdom of God and the narrow road that one must follow to enter into this Kingdom. For example:

  • - The person of Jesus Christ as the eternal Son of God.
  • - His strong teachings which have become a “forgotten gospel” within the church system.
  • - His mission objectives among mankind during His first coming; not peace, but war. (Luke 12:51)
  • - The nature of man and the need for redemption
  • - His covenant with man.
  • - Importance for understanding the in-errancy of the bible
  • - The narrow road that leads through the wilderness of life – what does it look like.
  • - The certainty of His second coming.

All of the above should be presented in a way that will expose the false teachings that have permeated the western church and lead many down the broad road to destruction.

A direct and strong message focusing on the prophetic events that precede His second coming. Proposed seminar materials will soon be available on this website. This is a seminar which is based on the book “Knighthood of Christian Warriors.” For example:

  • - Overview of the truth and purpose of the spiritual war between our Lord & Satan
  • - A scenario of the catastrophic events which are soon coming
  • - Exposing false teachings in eschatology that is causing deafness in the church.
  • - The opportunity for warrior-spirited Christian in the midst of tribulation
  • - Our Lord’s perspective on persecution and suffering
  • - Our apostolic, evangelistic, and pastoral mission within the midst of tribulation
  • - The millennial kingdom and the glory that awaits His uncompromising soldiers.

Obviously many questions will arise out of these presentations concerning how to prepare for these events. In other words, “What do we do now?”


This “watchman team” should focus on establishing additional partnership teams in local areas comprised of men and women, with some leadership experience.

These would be men and women who envision the Kingdom of God growing in strength through a network of small groups which meet in homes and workplaces.

The composition of these teams could include businessmen who would teach and mentor other businessmen / workers teaching workers / military teaching military / elderly teaching elderly / etc.

This will open up real issues that never surface in the traditional church environment and create a close bond among those with similar callings in life.

Following their training, these teams would then establish small groups within neighborhoods and/or in workplaces where they can gather together.

Examples of Key Teaching Suggestions for training small group leadership:

  • - Taking the teachings of the “watchman partnership” out to their respective areas.
  • - Develop a biblical presentation such as “through the bible in 24 hours” in order to provide foundational teachings to peoples searching for biblical understanding.
  • - Prepare & provide key doctrinal training.
  • - Prepare and teach eschatological issues which will bring clarity to the times.
  • - Teach and supervise spiritual preparations.
  • - Teach and supervise physical preparations.

It is imperative that these small group teachings be uniformly prepared by a partnership team; perhaps with the help of the “watchmen team.”
Besides preparing and presenting teachings, additional proposed objectives of these local partnership teams are as follows:

Cultivate potential small-group leaders from workplaces and neighborhoods who have a deep passion for their fellow workers and neighbors.

Planting house churches throughout their respective communities as their outreach grows. This is an apostolic and evangelistic outreach that will impact believers who are unchurched as well as unbelievers.

Training these house churches in the “storying” concept of learning the bible would be extremely valuable. People listen to stories with full attention and then are invited to participate. This is obviously the method of teaching utilized by the church before the printing of bibles. It will also prove to be a valuable technique when bibles become illegal.

Organize and connect these small groups with one another and train potential leadership to lead and oversee their respective networks. The idea is to share resources in order to assist one another in fulfilling each others respective plans.

Develop a strategic prayer network among those who have the same deep burden for the needs addressed in the workplace and underground church.

  • - This will encompass building a “wall of prayer” and establishing “watchmen” to organize and connect these prayer groups with one another.
  • - A prayer “watchman” is one who teaches intercession, provides ongoing encouragement, tracks accountability, and communicates the reports of its prayer warriors to the partnership team which established this prayer network.
  • - Information concerning the military formation of a “wall of prayer” can be found on the Watchman Ministries website hosted by Tim Taylor, a naval war veteran with high level intelligence experience.

In order to prepare strategic plans for equipping leaders and soldiers in the Army of God, members of this partnership must be on the same page concerning coming developments within our country and the response we will be facing within the traditional American church system.