April 22, 2020
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This is an introduction to 15 presentations which address vital questions concerning end-time events depicted in the Book of Revelation. These are end-time events that are quite mystifying but extremely critical for this generation of Christianity to understand.

We are right on the verge of devastating events that will create great fear and chaos throughout the world and especially in our comfort-seeking nation. There is a remnant of God’s people who certainly understand that catastrophic times are rapidly approaching our world, but are unaware of what to expect.

We can certainly learn much by watching the news concerning ongoing events in today’s world, but this only provides us with a worldly understanding. We need that spiritual understanding; this can only be found in the Scriptures where a much clearer picture emerges. It is here that God has provided us with tremendous amounts of information for our generation, but we must search for it.

We are no longer free to play the role of civilians for dark times are rapidly approaching – this will also be a time which will open up opportunities to be a strong light for the Kingdom of God in the midst of growing darkness.

These presentations are meant to feed the hungering, warrior spirit within that Christian remnant who are aware of the tremendous challenges that lie before us and are seeking guidance as to what we are about to confront and our calling in the midst of it.