Video 9: Three Beasts – An Unholy Trinity

Video 8: Confrontation Between the Woman & the Dragon
May 3, 2020
Video 10: Mystery Babylon
May 7, 2020
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Video 9 of God's Anointed Warriors In The Last Days


(Revelation 13)

This session is meant to prepare soldiers in the army of God by providing advance intelligence concerning the dark and terrifying leadership that will soon arise from among the nations of the world.

This will be a time of great trouble - as evil leaders, who have been anointed by Satan, will be obsessed with eliminating the kingdom of God from the face of the earth and establishing an antichristian power throughout the world.

This presentation will address the following:

  • A Seven Headed Beast Rises Up From The Sea
  • Antichrist – A Coming World Ruler
  • Antichrist - His Popularity & his Appearance of Invincibility
  • Antichrist - His Head Wound and His Number 666
  • A Two-horned Beast who Rises Up From The Earth
  • The False Prophet & We will Address His 3-Fold Ministry
  • God’s Purpose for the Tribulation as well as His Purpose for Wrath
  • Our Lord’s Calling During Tribulation “Endure & Remain Faithful
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